Monday, July 25, 2011

Gotta Love "Solid" Friends!

Hey family :):)
 so it sounds like everyone and everything back home is still good :) glad to hear. this just popped in my mind, can you send me a couple of pictures of sydney? i was talking about labs and bird dogs yesterday with a member. thanks adn also some rasberries you picked this morning ;)

   so we were able to meet with Julie C. on Wednesday at the church with the relief society president. Okay she is way awesome. the lesson went great and the pamphlet we gave her, she came back to the church for another appt on saturday and she had the whole thing marked up, studied and answered all the additional study questions. she is way awesome. We did set up a church tour for her and her 13 year old son on saturday and the last place we went was in the baptisimal font room. There we taught the restoration to her and her son. it was awesome and they both came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3 hours. we went with Garrett (her boy) to priesthood and we switched the lesson up for him and we talked about scouts. he was like way excited to get involved and everything. it was just a really good day yesterday! we also met a new guy this week, His name is Alex Martinez, just a neighbor of one of our members. He had so many questions about missionary work cause he is 22 years old and had been in the navy but got in a way bad car crash and then he realized he needed religion in his life. he is a cool kat too.

   So all four of us elders got ot have dinner at the Gates, the guy that reminds me exactly of a 40 year old Jake Bartcshi hahah. he is sooo funny and looks just like him.

  so we had a birthday party for maughan on saturday and the sinclairs had us all 4 over for cake on wedensday. We made the cinnamon adn sugar mixture for my bread.

well all is well here, we have interviews with president tomorrow in our apts. so looks like we have to clean before he comes lol. we had a good pioneer day yesterday, last night we went to the new stake center for the fireside and we watched the stake trek they went on last month. it reminded me of when we went, :)
 but i hope you all have a great week. smile lots. thanks for everything, love and miss ya!
elder brian glenn schofield

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