Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So the missionaries in our mission are now asked to spend at least 1 hour on the new website just getting to know it and learn it and we can’t do it on p-day so during the week we have to be on learning it. Kinda weird but i guess the church is really really pushing for we also got new passalong cards just focusing on   cool cards.  How is dad working with the missionaries in the ward???

( is a wonderful yet little used website that has a huge amount of information from members around the world.  It is for EVERYONE!  So click on it and look around the website and ENJOY!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another good week in Magnolia

well this week was pretty good. nothing too crazy weird or anything but it was all good.  we did see a big fat man getting arrested outside of his double wide and that was pretty funny. Magnolia is weird like that, we have run down trailer homes and then across the street multi million dollar homes!

We have interviews with the President tomorrow, the first one since I flew in at the end of October.  We met 2 different families this week and one couple came to church.  They’re pretty excited to meet with us and learn more J  J

We got our lunch paid for twice this week and dinner all week :):) they take care of us.  the lunches were paid for by complete strangers and just while i was typing this a college kid came up to us and gave us 20 dollars and said " i hope that helps" pretty nice people down here J

i dont know if i told you this but our ward mission leader looks like george castanza. haha its so funny, ill try to get a picture with him before i leave the area. he is cool.  Magnolia is going great, the work is going great,have a great week and tell everyone hi for me. i love you mom and dad,
love your son
elder b-rian glenn schofield J

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sharing the Same Houston Air As Brian!

 I talked to Anna yesterday before church!  We get a call from the elders from the Woodlands (really really really nice area) and elder Johnson is like " so elder schofield whats up?" I was like why are you calling me just to see whats up?  Then he was all like "im looking at your sister right now, she is standing in front of me” i didn’t think he was going to put her on the phone but he did so i talked with her for like 5 minutes.  They were only 30 minutes away from where we are hahah kinda weird but whatever lol.

(Anna and Curt flew in to Houston to go on their cruise that left from Galvaston.  They spent the night in Houston and went to their friend's aunts' ward.  Four missions in Houston and not only were they in a ward IN Brian's mission, they were IN his area!  Crazy!  They agreed ahead of time not to try and see each other, but was fun for them to talk on the phone for a bit!)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

They Caught A Minion!

Brian and Elder Martin at a member's home... they caught a Minion!

Everything Is Well

hi mom,
i know you know I’m doing fine, nothing really too exciting or new but things are going great and everything. The work is still progressing and still trying to find more people to teach but yes everything is well.

I’m glad to hear everything back home is going good and that dad is hanging in there haha, glad to know that people haven’t completely forgot about me haha thats good.

 Our ward loves me and Elder Martin nuff said.  The primary made us a big big banner and presented it to us lol haha it was pretty cool.   the dinner calendar is filled up for the next 4 weeks. so don’t worry about us being fed. I’ll take a picture of the banner and get one to you.

so how is the basketball team looking???? state???
tell everyone hi for me :):)
well have a great week and work hard   i love you,
love elder SCHOFIELD

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Day-New Week

Well we got transfer calls on Saturday and me and elder martin are staying together for at least another one. We are still in Magnolia so I still have the same address. I’ll probably be here for two more but who knows.  Kinda like it here. HICKville but you still have the nice areas. So yup I’m still in magnolia. (This coming from a boy from Buhl Idaho J!)

I’m glad to hear Kenadee’s present made her happy. it wasn’t much but I’m glad she likes it. (Brian sent her a personalized Book of Mormon that he had written a very special message in.  It was for Kenadee’s 7th Birthday. )

Greg and Michelle are still doing great. They are getting a car soon and they both have callings. They are called as ward missionaries which is pretty cool. They have been bringing a couple of boys to church with them. Kathy Alvarado is an assistant ward librarian and she is going to do baptisms tomorrow with the relief society at the temple.  She was so excited about it when we went and visited with her last night. She is doing great.

so we had a mission wide fast a couple weeks ago for families to teach and for us to be truly converted. The fast went well but this past week our investigator with a baptism date dropped us and said he doesn’t want to do it then a family we met after the fast, they seemed really excited and solid then this past week they dropped us. KIIINNNNDDDAAAA sucks.  Frank, the one that had the baptism date called and i talked to him, it was like i was being dumped over the phone, no joke he said the " its not you its me" line i was like "wow, i just got dumped".

The baptism in salt lake on Christmas Day went great, he was confirmed last week in sacrament and he got a nice new suit, haha

Tell dad to be happy haha, i know he is and I’m sure he has lots of stress sometimes. oh yeah you’re in the nursery!   im sure you are good at it, great at it actually.  i would go crazy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Photos From Texas!

Elder Schofield in his Texan Cowboy Giddy-yup outfit.
(Those are pajama pants that just look like chaps and jeans!  Amy sent them to him for Christmas--
notice the drawstring at the waist!) 

His favorite "I Love Science" geek shirt from BYU-I

Brian and Michelle Rita and Elder Martin on the day Michelle was baptized. 

Elders Schofield, Martin and Gustafson at the Houston Texas Temple

Self explanatory...

Self explanatory...again!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More From the New Year Letter

So Elder Russell M Nelson is coming there?? did i tell you that he spoke at the mtc the last night we were there. his talk was about not saying too much as missionaries and speaking with few words with power so thats what he did and we got out 30 minutes early lol. it was pretty funny.

So my cousin jed is going to Connecticut. ?? when did he get old enough???? wow, tell him hi for me,
Everything is going good here in texas :):) i really dont have much to tell the ward right now, tell them thanks for everything and all the patience they have.  they all did so much to help me, coaches, scout leaders, teachers. ill leave it for you mom, you will do a great job.
i love you so much mom, tell dad hi for me and tell him i love him too. have a great week. love you all
elder schofield

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Y'all!

happy new years to you all!!!!!! we sure partied it up here in texas. we went downtown until midnight and just had a great time. lol JUST KIDDING!!! we all had to be in our apartments by five because people here start early,yeah. haha so we just played games in our apartment.

i have a story to tell you, happened to me like 4 weeks ago or so, okay so we have this guy named Rueban and he was baptized like 6 months ago and is totally inactive so we have been trying to teach him because apparently the missionaries just baptized for the stat and he knows nothing.  We think he was high when he got baptized but whatever, we have been teaching him and going over there and this one time we show up and sit down on the couch and elder martin needs to go to the bathroom so he leaves and its just me and Rueban sitting in the living room. he asks if i want something to drink and im like sure brotha,  ( he calls us his brothas) so he goes to the fridge and pulls a pitcher of juice or something out and pours two glasses for me and elder martin, so he brings the glasses over to me and i have elder martins in my hand cause he is still in the bathroom and i start drinking mine, about the time I’m half way done with mine and elder martin comes out, Rueban asks us " hey brothas, you can have iced tea right?" elder martin walked right in at the bad time, he asks that and my glass is half empy, i was like WOW reuban, it was pretty funny so i was like oh crap. but it was whatever, lol i broke the word of wisdom on my mission, :(   im still worthy mother. i took care of it as Lloyd off of dumb and dumber would say lol 
so thats the story of rueban haha