Monday, April 25, 2011

Be Greater Than Yesterday...

hello family :)
well easter sunday was very good in our ward. sacrament meeting was really really good and then me and elder k got to teach the priest quorum. its crazy to think that i was in their shoes not that long ago and thinking the mission is so far away. but the whole day was really good. for dinner we went over to the Beans. Pretty much the coolest family around here. Bro. Bean reminds me of dad. they have 4 kids and the two oldest boys are 16 and 15 and they have two younger girls. we were over there for pretty much the whole night. Lofton (the oldest) boy reminds is just like Camden Gillins. but they are a really cool family. the day was great and for sacrament the speakers were very simple. it was a husband and wife and they just bore testimony of Jesus Chirst and his sacrifice for all of us. it was really good.  sounds like your satellite broadcast went great. im glad. im glad austin is finding his spot and filling the shoes if another great Glenn :):) haha i love you all. 

 so i got a package from Caitlin last week and one of her questions in the letter asked me what my favorite general conference talk was, and so i thought and we actually talked about it in priests quorum for the lesson. it was the talk that President Uchtdorf gave like a  year ago or so about making the small course corrections in life and how much of an impact one degree has on us later on in our lives.  we talked about to the priests about what we decide to do while we are this age will definitely make affects later on. it doesn’t mean the Atonement won't be there but we need to do everything to stay on that  course. i told them how my whole attitude on things changed when i actually realized that my future was being affected. 

i really like the track quote this year (Be Greater Than Yesterday) it sounds like the boys track team is really doing good. hey is micheal mcdonald still thinking about serving a mission? thats awesome to hear about Allen. tell them all hi for me.
thanks for the package and everything. thanks exactly what i was looking for. the week went well and everything here is going great. tell dad hi for me and that i miss him. have a great week. love you all and i cant wait to talk to you on mothers day. and yes the write up in that newsletter sounds good. thanks for everything. love ya.
elder brian glenn schofield

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I know why I am out here and how important this work is

hi family :):)

    glad my conference notes were sufficient enough :) and that the FHE went well. i heard austin took his first steps, you wanna know why, my notes inspired him :) haha jk

This past week was great. we had a good week. we are still trying to work with the same people but a part member family that has been coming to church a lot lately, we are gunna start working with the dad (the non-member) this week, he is really cool and the family is too, they have a little 4 yr old girl. we asked them if we could come by and talk they said yes and so were having dinner with them and then visit with the dad this week. I’m excited. Tomorrow the BYU-Idaho dance group is coming to the Spring area, like 20 minutes away from Conroe and President Hansen is letting us all go to it. it will be pretty cool to go to

thats awesome to hear about all the kids back home and there calls. its exciting to see them all leave. can you get me bryce beards address for me?? so rotary track just wasnt the same? i hear the boys team is really really doing good, thats awesome. when does jacob miers leave? 

mom, you have nothing to worry about with me saying thank you and being appreciative. seriously. people love me and elder k cause we are personable, can laugh and joke around. the ward loves us. and you dont need to worry about us and saying please,  and thank yous. but im glad you still love me enough to remind me ;) so THANK YOU ;) lol

sounds like everything is keeping you all busy, which is good. thanks for everything you and dad do. i love you both very much and my whole family, best family. no doubt baby ;)  i lpve you all. know that im doing fine and enjoying it out here. i know why im out here and how important this work is. have a great day and week. looking forward to that phone call on may 8th. I’ll let you know when it gets closer around what time ill be calling. what time is your church, (youre time) not my time.  talk to yall later, tell everyone hi for me. love you!!
 elder schofield 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Always Be Nice To The Missionaries! :)

hey mom and family :)
im doing great. i received a letter from dad with the bracelet that i got. is that the letter you’re talking about or is it a different one?

   my zone name is Spring, thats our stake name too. it covers the woodlands an all that but conroe is the out skirts of it all. were the lone rangers :):) and magnolia was the same situation, just out there.

so this week we were able to teach Whitney Sinclair’s teacher in her home, it’s her English teacher and her two kids. The lesson went really really well. i enjoyed it and she really liked it too. She says her husband is pretty hesitant on coming over and listening. when you told me about Dale Kelsey and his story. all i could think about was this lady and her family. i really hope it will work out and this family can experience all those blessings. they’re a really nice family. We are going over to the Sinclairs tonite to help them take a lid off of something that has to do with their pool and then to have dinner.

thats awesome you have the missionaries over to teach the new member lessons. 
always be nice to the missionaries, :):) haha
guess what happened this morning while we were at walmart shopping? some guy came up to us and started bashing with us in the check out line. i was so ticked. he looked like a little hobbit and he was some puke college kid just waiting to come up and start bashing with us. I had fun with him. a member told us that when that happens, just kinda nod your head and say "that could be true, or i have never thought of it that way" all they want is to argue and prove us wrong. While he was going at us thats what i did and he was getting sooooooo mad, i started laughing. then we just left haha. Stupid little  hobbit lol

well all is well here, its starting to get warmer. its getter to warm too soon!!! :( thanks for everything mom, and dad. tell everyone hi for me.

 i gave anna my general conference notes this morning for your family home evening activity. have a great day. love you all
love your boy,
elder schofield

Friday, April 8, 2011

I Love To See (and go to) The Temple!

yeah the temple was awesome a couple of weeks ago, it gets better and better every time i go. we are lucky to be able to go every six weeks. a lot of return missionaries, when they return have only been through once cause they weren’t able to go on their missions. I’m way happy we can go as much as we do J

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A letter from Brian on April 4th...

hey mom and dad and everyone.
yeah this weekend was great, in conference they talked alot about marriage and not procrastinating it haha, like they talked about it alot. but it was a really good conference.
thanks for those pictures of the missionaries. how long have they been out? can you send those other pictures of me and elder k. oh transfer calls came, we are staying together for another one. i was excited. we also moved this week different apartments. we have the same apartment complex but a different apartment  
  this week we are going to start teaching a new family at the sinclairs home. its her english teacher and her two kids. that will be good and hope all goes well.
  thats awsome the boys track team is doing awesome, tell them all hi for me. not a whole lot of crazy things happened this week, just moved and worked and had conference. anna will be getting my conference notes so ill talk more about conference there. i hope you have a great day today, i love you all and miss you all very much. have a great day
elder schofield

Sunday, April 3, 2011

LOVE General Conference!

What a wonderful weekend to spend with the leaders of the Church!  Click on the link above to find out more about General Conference.