Monday, February 6, 2012

Wow...Busy Week!

Hi Everyone, 
    This week was good and it went by really fast. sounds like yalls week was great. im glad alyvias birthday party turned out well, i forgot it was her birthday, cause on that calender you sen tme last year it had all the birthdays and everything so if you could send me out another calsender, that would be fantastic. Give alyvia a hug for me. and thats a good thing dad took a day off to hang out with grandma and grandpa. tell them hi for me too. i miss them.

   so this week we met a ton of the less actives, got stuck in the rain. again, esplin called me at 1 in the morning, deep cleaned a peanut butter factory, got yelled at by and old man that called the sheriff on us, met a new family we're teaching now, taught Anthony and his whole family, met a lady that traced her family history back to Adam, 5 different ways. it was a pretty good week. 

   A family in the ward told us about their friends and about the son doing scouts so we went and stopped by to meet them and they are really nice. i guess the mom had come to church a couple time a year ago and the son Sterling wants to get his eagle scout so me and elder ward are going over to Sterling's twice a week after school and helping him with scouts. He came with us to scouts on wednesday and he said he liked it a lot so im excited for that. while we were looking for their house (the adams house) we walked up to a guy to ask him if he knew where a street was and this was a guy that threatned to call the sheriff on us. he freaked out on us. i jsut started laughing while he was freaking out but it was funny i thought. then later that afternoon we got stuck out in the rain on our bikes again so we found the bridge we sit under while it rains haha.

   So the story about Esplin, He called me at 1 in the morning (12 his time) to tell me he got his first kiss. He had never kissed a girl adn i told him that when he got his first kiss that he needs to call me so he did haha. He was as excited as a fat kid in a candy store.  He is doing well back home and working lots it sounds like. On wednesday we got to go to the church's peanut butter factory, i guess its the only peanut butter factory the church owns and its right next to our mission office but we got to go and deep clean everything in it. i was on the steam pressure washer washing everything.   so with Anthony, we taught him this week with a recent convert in the ward (Kardaryl) and so both of them are black so we both thought it would be a good idea to take kardaryl with us. the lesson went alright. Kardaryl was so excited to teach with us and so he was jsut talking away about everything haha. i wasnt even upset cause anthony was getting it all, Kardayl was speaking his language or something.  But we went over again on saturday night just to say hi and met the rest of his family. He has 3 boys and his fiance is living with him and when we stopped by saturday night Anthony wasnt home but his fiance Lola was. Lola said that Anthony really enjoyed us coming over and we had planned to go over tuesday afternoon but Lola wanted to be there so we're planning Tuesday night teaching the whole family. the ward is doing good and im enjoying them. they sure keep us fed haha 
    well everything is going great, we have a few meetings this week but all is well. Our fast and testimony meeting was interesting yesterday haha glad to hear yours was good. all is well here. hope yall have a good week this week. love you all. 
elder brian schofield

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another good week in Texas...

Hello Family, 
       It was another good week in Texas. So you know how our area is doing some new pilote program thing that President Pingree has come up with? well yesterday during sacarament meeting and the 3rd hour Ward and i talked about it and explained what we were trying to do. during sacrament meeting we just bore our testimony and told them about ourselves but hten in the combined third hour we explained the pilote program and what it really is. It all went great and i think the ward is catching on to it a bit. nothing really has changed but our focus from finding to bringing back less actives but still finding through them. ya know what im talking about?! haha So this past week Ward and i vistited a ton of members and less actives and one Wenesday we were in the "ghetto" of our area, (and its not really ghetto, the whole area is nice) we were contacting less actives and aton lived in this apartment complex but we see this guy taking out his trash so we go and talk to him and we ended up talking with him outside for an hour but we have planned to go back to his apartment this week. so we had dinner with the releif society president on saturday and we told them this story and she was like supper excited haha i guess this ward has never really seen missionarys teach investigators or anything but after yesterday the ward is really into it now. Remember the Lopez family? we are seeing them this week too. we also found some cool bike trails along the bayous here. all the dirt that they moved from making the bayous, they put on the sides and people have made mountain bike trails on them, and they are pretty legit. it reminds me of the trail curt, landon and i rode the monday before i left. haha remind landon of that crash he had haha 2 20 year old guys mountain biking in dress pants, white shrit and tie. Oh so we did something that i never ever thought id be able to do. i mowed a lawn in January. and the grass was green and i got sunburnt a little.... in JANUARY!! haha. we were just doing service for a guy in the ward and mowing his lawn in on our to do list so everyweek we mow his lawn. i still have the touch to mowing lawns haha ;) that reminds me, how is agnes wilson and lilian stahlecker doing? is dad still mowing their lawns and helping them out? 
       Esplin called me on friday and we talked for a bit. he was at the grocery store with his mother while we were talking. i laughed at him, but he is coming back to texas in march sometime to go to that month long houston rodeo. 
   so i have something to talk to you about mom and  dad. let me know what you think. so last night at dinner we ate with an awesome new family in the ward and they are about 30 and have 4 little daughters. all the ages of my nieces and nephews but im getting off topic haha okay so when he was newly off his mission he started doing vending machines and gumball machines. so this is what i want to do becasue i have like 4 months in between me getting home and going to college so i was thinking about getting like 5 or 20 gumball machines and putting them around buhl and twin and then jsut managing them. he said they make lots of money. jsut a though id let you know about. ill be the candy man ;)
    well its been a good week here and things are starting to roll along. tell the moyes family hi, glad you got in touch with them. tell everyone hi and i hope eveything goes well when your office starts getting patients. well we be fixin' to take off. love yall
your son,
elder brian glenn schofield