Wednesday, July 20, 2011

There Just HAS To Be More....(...there is!)

so guess what happened last night. we got a call from a senior missionary that works at the cannery down by the office and he called us and said a lady had been coming and helping that isnt a member and wants to join and for the missionaries to get over to her house. I called her last night and we talk for about 30 minutes just about how she has been looking and that there just HAS to be more than just the bible. she kept telling me that there was no way Jesus could just do his thing over in Jerusalem and that be the end of it. she seems really really neat and we will be meeting our new friend at the church on wednesday. Her name is Julie. 

this week was a good one and im glad to hear it went well for you all back home. its raining really really hard here today. first time it has for like 3 months. its pretty cool. well have a great day and week. i love you all and ill talk to you soon.
love your son, brother, friend, and uncle haha
Elder Brian Glenn Schofield
oh and now doubt i come from a good stock. i mean im related to the ricks. pure breds haha thanks for everything mom and dad.

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