Monday, July 18, 2011

They Are Our Friends!

hey mom and dad and family!
so this week was pretty crazy. on tuesday i got to go on exchanges with the spanish elders. they live just on the other side of the highway but i spent the day with them. i learned that i can understand spanish better than i thought i could. pretty crazy huh. i wouldnt have mind coming to houston spanish speaking. they serve in the same city but it is soooo differnt than our area and where we work. that was a fun day. we met a couple of new friends we are going to start teaching. i decided im not going to call them investigators, they are our friends that are checking out the church or investigating it but they are our friends first. elder maughan and i decided to do a missionary fireside for some less actives and for our friends. it turned out really well for our first time doing it. We are starting to do it once a month so give me some ideas for things we can do to make it a really good fireside. mix it up a little bit ya know.

we got called on thursday and told us that a kid was being baptized on saturday and we had to set it all up and even talk at it. this is how this ward works haha. just a little offf the wall but the baptism went well. i jammed my thumb pretty bad on saturday at baskeball but it is all good tho. im almost done with jesus the christ, i seriously have started to love to read, haah its crazy cause i was never like that. i read jesus the chirst for 30 min every night before i go to bed. its good and im learning a ton!!  

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