Monday, July 11, 2011

Rice Pudding! Yeah!

Howdy family :)
   this week was really good. everything went well. we were able to meet a couple of new people and they are really cool. the baptism went good this week.
 sounds like you all had a really good week this week. thats good to hear. tell anna happy birthday for me, i sent her an email but she probably won’t respond haha but whatever lol.

    things are getting better with elder maughan trying to be relaxed and not stressing about the little things. we actually got a surprise visit last night from president Pingree, he called us and asked if it was alright if he just came up and talked. so he came and we all just talked like we were chilling, it was sooo cool. he really emphasized just loving the people and doing the best for them. i respect this guy soooo much. he is on our level and talking to him last night reminded me of just talking to dad. he wanted our input on music and the gym. he was really opened with us. we asked him about going to an astros game with the young men sometime. he was really open and chill with us. i respect him and its people like that, who truly love the people who he associates with, i respect them a ton more because of that. He knows what is important on missions and how to make the most of. elder burton and i have been having conversations about this latley too. it just all confirms it all.

    so we did have a double dinner last night, the first one was with the Bonnets and we had the rice pudding. Mom, you have absolutely nothing tooo worry about with me not coming home cause of the cooking here. it wasn’t even in the same category as your rice pudding.  nothing is as close to as my mother’s :):) but i really really appreciated them and what they do for missionaries. they are awesome.  our next dinner was with the Beans, this is the family that reminds me of the Gillins so much. like identical and everything. we helped clean the church on saturday and i told Lofton how much they remind me of the gillins back home. tell camden that lofton is going to add him on facebook. 

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