Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things Are Good...

    well everything is going good. im really loveing this ward. Bro Bean is the young mens leader and he is the one that wnats to take us to an astros game. he is legit. his whole family is. i play basketball with him and his boys and the spanish missionaries and a couple other guys from the ward every tuesday and thursday morning at like 5 in the am. But all is well here. im loving the book jesus the christ. i am learning sooo much from it, i want to have that read and the book of mormon finished again by my year mark. im almost done with alma and half way done with jesus the chirst. well thanks for everything mom and dad. i love you both so much and the family that we have. things are good with your son. just keep working hard and loving the work right. talk to you soon and tell everyone hi at annas little barbq. oh by the way you need to update the blog with all those pictures you have recieved haha. well this is special agent elder bri schofield signing off now. catch ya on the flipty flop family. love you all.

elder brian glenn schofield

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