Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian and Bob!

 tell bobby clark hi for me and that i was thinking about him tuesday morning. i told elder maughan about him and what our tradition has always been.

sounds like buhl is just as good as ever. thanks for updating me up on everything there. you be sure to take care of sydney. i love that dog and by the way, when i move out and get married, she is coming with me, just so you know ;0 hahaha 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthweek!

so this week was a little slow. wills baptism date was pushed back for a little bit. he isn’t progressing as much as we were hoping but we are still working with him. i had a migraine last week but it was the first in like 3 months so that was great. so maybe the next one won’t come until 6 months from now haha

im glad you were able to read my letter in sacrament meeting yesterday. im also glad that it actually affected some people that were able to hear it.

   so my birthday party /dinner was legit, dinner was way good and we had a good time.
im glad to hear about the reunion and that it went great and you got to see caitlin.

thats soo cool about heather and jesse. im happy for them. (Brian's cousin and her family were sealed in the Rexburg Temple.)   jesse is a pretty cool kat. and that means cool guy if you didnt know lol

 i hope your week goes great, sorry this is so short. things are still going good. we are still working with the same ppl. hope your week goes great. my birthday will come tomm. and then it will go in the past. hahah. tell landon that i hope he has a great birthday. and that i will be thinking about him. love you all so much and thanks for everything you do.
elder schofield

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wonderful Quote...

“I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. We are the Church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, and He is our great eternal head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him?”
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hope You Had A Happy Father's Day Dad!

hello mom and DAD!! Happy Father’s day dad!! hope those kids back home took care of you and if they didn’t, you let me know and I’ll take care of them for you. love you dad!! you’re the best.

  well this week was another good week. we got transfer calls and found our we are staying together for another one in conroe which im excited for. this one will be for 7 weeks instead of 6 because of the new mission president coming in or something. and the first week in july we get to meet him for the first time up at college station. it should be fun. sounds like the weekend sounded fun from what i heard from emily and landon. and the skunks haha, "stinkin" cute hah get it? stinking cute hahaha.

so this Saturday a couple people from the ward are throwing a birthday party for me at the ranch we do service at.! they are cooking up chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and corn, :) my favortie meal. and both the ashtons are having us over too this week and having big barbques. im way excited. im staritng to love this ward a lot more now. maughan and i had to give prayers yesterday at church.

   so this week went great. we gave a baptismal commitment to jeff wimberly and right now he is praying about what date. we are able to met will's twin brother and both want to take the lessons and kinda be a support to each other with is awesome and the phillips family we have been working with are doing good. so we made our final visits for the week too all of them and all said they would be at church and for our sunday school class but no one showed up. it was so disappointing. but it was still a great fathers day in conroe. i stilled enjoyed church. the investigators we have a way cool. i enjoy them and love being with them. hopefully this week will be another good one with them able to all come to church.

   so this week i finished mosiah in the book of mormon, and i never realized how the war chapters in there are so legit. im in alma now but seriously, i loved it all and could put it down. just seeing what everyone had to go through to even keep this record for us, its pretty crazy and how the pride cycle works in people. my testimony in the book of mormon is growing soo much!!

   jd emailed me and told me how everything is going and his life haha good to hear he is doing good. i actually called him on mothers day. i know i shouldnt have but i just felt like i need to talk to him. im so glad he is staying out of the party scene. he is a good kid and he keeps reminding me that im going to be is best man at his wedding. i love that kid. 

  well im glad my father got his card and letter and picture. haha i miss him. too bad i could talk wiht him for a bit. have a great week family. and i will try to do the same. love you all and thank you soo much for everything.. love youuuu mom and dad!!!!!!!
your son,
elder schofield

Monday, June 13, 2011

it's sooooo simple!

well hello mom and dad
i hope girls camp is going good so far, even though you won’t read this for a few days, know im thinking about you.

   this week was good. we met with all of our investigators, we have a baptism planned for the 26th of june, his name is will standley. so we are shooting for that.

   elder maughan was sick all day yesterday, so we were in the apartment all day yesterday. i read a lot haha two of our investigators showed up so i made sure that the ward knew they were coming so they wouldn’t feet left out. so it all went well with us not being there.

   so we are going over to the sinclairs today for pday. you be sure to email her back when she emails okay ;) so that should be fun today.

  so you remember you little picture for mothers day? well i got a pretty good one made up for dad for father’s day ;) you’ll just have to wait. so my birthday is coming up right? im sure you know hahaha, i could use a wal-mart gift card ;) that would be the best lol and more gum hahaha jsut so you know. love you mom ;) i got your package :) thanks you and the clippers are fantastic

   so this week we talked a lot this week about the atonement, in zone conference, and district meeting and other things. and one thing that stuck out to me is that the atonement is so deep but yet soooo simple. because Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, we can all live with heavenly father again. so simple and also the atonement is a railroad switch track. its a course change. it was a good week with that sense, talking about the atonement and how it plays a role not only in our investigators lives but also ourselves. it was a good week this week. and im still meeting with pres. Hansen and will one more time before he goes home on my birthday. thanks for everything mom and dad i love you and everything you do. i love you!!!
elder schofield

Monday, June 6, 2011

Really loving this area....

    hey family,
 thanks so much for everything and all your prayers. this week has been better, alot better. 
       Elder maughan and i talked in zone meeting and gave a group discussion on mu purpose, it went really well and then the next Sunday we talked in Sacrament with our Ward mission leader. the talks went great, i actually really enjoy talking in sacrament, thats what i realized after i did this one. It reminds me of Spencer Ray, he like talking too cause it gives him an adranaline rush and it gives me one too. but more of like a spritual adranaline rush, wait, that just must be the spirit. but the talks went great.

         im starting to love this ward and area a ton now, we had 3 investigators to church yesterday. one got married on friday so we went to that. We gave Bruce Cunningham (big black guy) a commitement to baptisim on saturday and he accepted. We met the Phillips family this last week as well. She had met with missionaries before about two years ago but we didnt know that so we came across  her and she said the only thing that was keeping her from visiting our church was the Kingdoms of glory and wanted proof in the bible so that was really simple to show her that. she said that this was an answer to her prayers. We are teaching her whole family now. The Johnson family that we met two weeks ago, their boy, Aramire, came to church yesterday, I gave him one of my ties on thursday, but he came to church yesterday. We also met a new investigator yesterday as well, his name is Will and he is 23, his parents are baptist but they told them that the mormon church would be good for him to go to, and he was also at church yesterday!!! so we have a lot of people to work with and to pray for. im really enjoying this area a lot more. 

    Our ward mission leader, Bro Hon, took us downtown last week on pday to the natural history muesum and the holocaust musuem and that was really really cool. so Me and elder K organized this big pday for today up here in conroe at the high school football field. so alot of missionaries will be coming up here. it was mostly so me and elder k could see each tother again becasue he is far away but if we organized a big one then they would all come up from the city. so that will be fun today. 
Zone Conference

    we have zone conference up at the staion on wednesday. and then the temple this next week. 
i liked that song mom, the last 3 weeks, Nearer My god To Thee has been sung in meetings or whenever, it seems like 15 times. so yeah, i really like that hymn now. 
   well im glad your trip to wyoming was great. i love you all, keep praying for me mom adn dad. thanks for everything and if you could send the hair clippers and the program adn dads letter that would be great. love ya!!!!
 elder schofield