Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missionaries Need Your Prayers!

hi mom and dad
First of all ask your children why they never email me back. lol They send one and i reply and i think a conversation or something will take off but hte next week there is always nothing haha. just let them know lol.

    we meet like 5 new investigators this week which was really cool.  we met a family at the park, Johnson family, then another guy came to church and wants us to teach him. his name is Bruce. i sure hope things work out with all them and they can progress.

    i just wanna say thanks for the email again, i really needed that one. i hope everything there is going good. i love you all and miss you all. keep me in your prays mom. and let my siblings know about the email thing hahaha. its about time for me to take off now. know that i love you mom and dad, i need your love and support.  i will talk to you soon. im printing off your last email so i can have it with me and i can re-read it.

 i will take off now. oh we went to the museum of natural science for pday yesterday with our ward mission leader. it was cool.
well its time. i love you. pray for me, thanks for everything.
your son,
elder schofield

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thankful For Great Mission Presidents

this past week has been very hard but very refreshing. i was able to meet with President Hansen Thursday afternoon (I am really going to miss him)

we met two new investigators and one came to church yesterday with his boy. i love you sooo much mom and dad. keep me in your prayers. i love you so much and this work.
love youre son,
elder schofield

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Ward Mission Leaders! Yay!

hello mom and dad,
   this week was great, just about the same things happening. we got stood up for dinner a couple nights and the elders in this ward seem to be cheap labor and a moving crew.  But our new ward mission leader is awesome. he said he was sure going to change some things.  We met with him on Monday night and went over some things. He is on top of things. his name is Bro. Hon. He is going to whip this ward in to shape he said cause alot of the things they do is just going through the motions on a lot of things. Overall he is going to be awesome. i will at least have some time to work with him cause transfer calls came in and Elder K and i are getting split up. he is going down closer to the city and im staying. I am going to meet my new comp today but he wont come to conroe tonite. we are just going over somewhere for pday and he will be there. His name is Elder Maughn. i ve heard he is pretty cool and the elder lewis' new comp is a missionary that was in the mtc with me.

so this next transfer is only five weeks just so the new president doesn’t have to deal with transfers so early. its Presidnet Hansens last five weeks and then we will have a new one.

what happend to your knee mom?? and im glad to hear about the track team. Please be sure to send me that program haha ;) we went over to the Ashtons last night and he cooked us some dinner on the barbq. that family will definitely be one i stay in contact with. 

well im glad to hear everything is still going good and about the same. Everything here is great. thanks for everything mom and dad. oh the weather here is perfect but its not going to be like this for long i hear hahha. i love you all!!
elder brian glenn schofield

Monday, May 9, 2011

Good To Talk To Everyone!

well mom and family.
it was awesome to get to talk to you all yesterday. it was so nice to hear all of your voices. we pretty much talked about everything yesterday so there isnt too much to say this morning. me and matt talked a little bit today. that was nice. and i also got a make up email from curt this morning hahaha. i was pretty bummed when you said that he wasnt there at the house yesterday.

   but overall it was all great to talk to you. sounded all the same. but tonite we are meeting with the new ward mission leader. im pretty excited about that cause he seems legit. we will actually be working with someone from now on so thats exciting. thanks for those addresses. well until we get to write again next week. i love you all and miss you
elder schofield

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Phone Call Plans!

hey mom!!! youre probably just getting ready to go home for the weekend and im here doing mormon.org Here is my plans for calling home on sunday. we have church from 1 to 4 and then we are going to a members to call home. i will call you all at around 6:30 pm my time so like 5:30 youre time. it might be a little sooner or a little later. just so you all know. okay. i love you all. cant wait to talk to ya. let me know when you get this and if its all okay. love ya mom
elder schofield

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day! May Day!

hello mom and dad!!
        im so sorry i forgot to tell you happy anniversary last week (who gets married on May Day?) but seriously, i did not forget about it!! i wished you a happy anniversary in my head yesterday during sacrament meeting hahaha man 31 years. either you two really love each other or have both just settled jk. im so happy my parents are still in love with each other!

     well it sounds like you had good week. i do remember Almy Morrison and i totally forgot Mr. Ordonez had cancer. i remember steve lively telling me but forgot. im sorry to hear about both funerals and I’m glad that the building didn’t fall on Coach Wilson. its not like it would have done anything to him!

     and yes i have been hearing about the tornados in alabama and that whole area over there. we had tornado watches in conroe that night. the sky was so scary that night. oh thanks for taking care of that paper work for the bank for me.
    we are working with a few people adn they are all soo hard to get a hold of. one day it seems like they are gunna make progress and then days at a time they just go missing. so we are going to focus on less actives more right now, especially with part-member families. we'll still be trying our investigators. everything else is going good. our ward mission leader is non-existent so its pretty just me and elder k. 

    this last week we had a bbq at a ranch here. Legit cowboy now. we did service at the ranch and then did a bbq. this horse ranch is way nice.

and we had a lot of cops outside of our apartment complex last night. some guy got way drunk and then was "disturbing the peace". our apartments are so ghetto haha but its all good. yeah its sounds like the boys track team is really doing great. i sometimes take a peak at athletic.net on pdays and see how the boys are doing.  okay so when we call home, i will probably call home around 7:30 or 7 my time. so keep in mind that youre an hour behind me. jsut all be ready for around that time. i will send you an email on friday when we do mormon.org just to confirm our plans for sunday. we might go over to sis Sinclairs and ill just call home from there, but ill confirm it with you on friday. im pretty excited for it :):) 

     one more thing, i wnated to tell ya. we have two families in the ward named the Ashtons and theyre brothers but anyways they are both from Fruitland Idaho and we play  basketball at like 5 in the morning throughout the week and these brothers come and play. Ya i dont know if its just cause they are from fruitland but they are legit. both have really cool families. well ill send you my confrmed plans on when ill call home on friday. have a great day and know im doing good. i love you and dad so much. talk to you soon. peace out
Elder Brian Glenn Schofield