Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sharing Trials and Going to the Temple

on friday, elder lewis, one of the other elders that lives with us, got a call from president hansen about how one of his aunts passed away. it was way sad cause elder lewis grew up in a very dysfunctional family and this aunt pretty much raised him. elder lewis has been out about 11 months and he has had a really heard time his whole mission with almost going home and things but earlier that day, him and elder willardson taught the plan of salvation to a guy and elder lewis said later that night that if he hadn’t been able to teach that lesson today he would have been going home for sure. he said while he was teaching the lesson he felt something was wrong but then he felt peace at the same time. it was really really sad to see him. he is doing better but it was really really hard on him. 

well everything here is going well beside that. excited for the temple on wednesday and conference this weekend. have a great day and tell everyone hi for me. Especially the track team haha!  love you all. oh so this is week six of the transfer and so that means this saturday we get transfer calls. hopefully me and elder k will stay together. thanks for everything
elder brian glenn schofield

Monday, March 28, 2011

March GLADness!

hello y'all haha
     -how is everything going? things are good here. this last week, the area really picked up and you know sister sinclair, her daughter, told us that her english teacher and her two kids want to meet with the missionaries. right before i got to this area, sis, sinclairs daughter had her friend meeting with the missionaries and then her friend got baptized. i guess she gives us some good referrals. then we got in contact with a former investigator and right when i called him and told him who we were all he said was "no way!!". i guess right before i called he had just got done praying to know the truth and thinking about the missionaries and was way excited to hear from us. we are meeting with him on Tuesday with the patriarch, he is in our ward.

   -This former investigator (TIM) is like 25 and he wants to come to conference with us on sunday, we told him about it over the phone when we called but things are all going good here. we go to the temple on wednesday an then conference. yesterday in sacrament when they announced the times of conference they said at 11 and 3.  I was like are these ppl crazy. its 10 and 2 but i guess the time difference does that!

    -  you know that ensign stuff you put in your last email, i read all of that last night. i couldnt sleep last night so at around 11 i got up and read a bunch of it. its all good. 

    -At the Sinclairs home with Elder K

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zone Conference Bonus!

It was great for Chad and Taylor Workman and their family to get together with Brian and the other Elders that he lives and works with.  They were all in College Station, Texas for Zone Conference and Chad took them out for Frozen Yogurt after their meetings!  What a good time for all!
Thanks Chad and Tay!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!

Hey family and mom :)
yeah its crazy to think last year we were in peru, that was so much fun, i loved going there, im glad i went with my family there and not to the booze cruise haha
 well things here are going good. we have some interesting investigators. bi-polar, drug dealing, crazy lady that doesn’t know who she is type of people lol but we are still trying. this one lady we are sort of teaching was a referral from someone in the woodlands and her son was in the military and had had lukemia earlier in his life and it showed up again, this last week her son died. We’re still trying to get in contact with her. but overall its all good here other than being sick all of last week.

Well everything here is still going as it should. We are going up to college station tomorrow for zone conference. maybe we will see chad.

i love you all and pray for you all everynight.
thanks so much for everything you do. talk to ya later.
your son,
elder brian glenn schofield

Monday, March 14, 2011

Too Much of the Wrong Kind of Action!

hey mom and family!
thanks for getting the shoes and everything taken care of, you da best. I’m happy to hear about your 5K walk and that you did well. that’s how i felt after i finished the fun run at the fourth of the July. i hated that by the way haha

im still doing good in my journal for the most part and yes i did get you package with the bracelet and everything. wanna know something funny? i bought one of those like a week before I got yours. someone in the ward told me it would help with my migraines so i got one. i gave the one you gave me to an elder that lives with us.

The work here in Conroe is a little slow right now. we have like 4 we are teaching. we ran into a drug deal this week with one of our investigators. we walked around back of his apartment complex and to the other side and we see a car with a door open and it was him (deshawn) and 3 other guys right in the middle of it all. deshawn had it all right on his lap and i guess he was doing the sampling then, we scared him pretty bad. he was chill with us but the other 3 weren’t so we got outta there pretty fast. i guess it was pretty dangerous to stay around there cause we saw it all happen so we got outta there. 

 the ward is really cool. we played basketball with a member this morning, he reminds me a lot of dad and he has a son that is pretty much identical to camden. plays the same sports and looks like him too, our youth are really cool too.  its raining really really really hard right now too by the way lol
 it sounds like everything with you and the family back home is going great. hope that continues. i love you all. sounds like the mowing will start to pick up. take care everyone.
elder schofield

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time is MARCH-ing on!!

 this is your son brian glenn schofield.
first of all everything here is going just great, work is a little slow but were picking it up though.  the Edneys moved so we had to pass them on to other elders. but we have a couple of ppl we are working with so that hopefully will go somewhere.

time really is MARCHING ON hahah good one mom!

thats cool about trevor doxey going to the same mission, will he meet steve and pam, pretty exciting. and yes i will be out for a year.

everything is going good with the comp. i really really like it, we work hard and sitll have fun, and the other elders are awesome too.  i really really like it. :)
have an awesome day and week. bye now :):)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Man in Conroe!

well I’m in my new area and im loving it, Conroe Texas.   my comps, name is elder Keliipuleole, we live with two other elders, our apartment is awesome and the other elders are too. the elders that were living with is elder willardson, and elder lewis,  they are awesome.

sounds like dad is still being a stud and doing what he does, he is awesome, best dad anyone could ask for, thats fo sho haha he is working hard which is good. i hear buhl didnt make it to state, thats too bad, now they get to start track hahahaha suckers hahaha, just kidding. i really miss it, probably just being out there with dad and all that, that’s what I’ll miss the most, good times

so conroe isnt too far from college station, so for zone conference, this transfer we will be going up to the station!!! im so excited, after conference, we are gunna go around campus and talk to the college folk haha

everything is going great, oh for dinner on Saturday night, we were watching the military film that the church gives to the military families and so we were watching it with this family, and it showed a clip of elder Oaks talking to some military ppl and it showed the crowd and guess who i saw.... Bryan Egbert, no joke, it was an older clip but it was him, i was like i know that guy!!! tell curt that, hahah

we are teaching a family, she just went through a divorce and she has 4 children, and she was looking for a good church for her kids so we stated teaching them, the Edneys.   pretty cool family.

well everything is going good in Conroe, i really like it here and my companion, everything here is great. the ward is awsome.  have a great week.  i love you mom and dad!!!! just thought id let ya know
love elder schofield