Friday, July 8, 2011

Good Friends from Idaho!

Seeing Bill and Diane was sooooo good. I love them so much and their example. Seeing them just kinda gave me a boost and made me excited about things and where I was at. Painting went well. I’m going to try to get transferred to chad and taylors ward at the end of this transfer. They only life like 15 minutes away from us. I’m also glad the Bonnets called you for that rice pudding recipe haha, they are in the other ward but they are way cool people, He came up to me on Sunday and told me that he had talked you my mother. That made me smile too. we have a baptism tonite so im really excited about that. it will be great. all is well here mom and dad. we get to meet the new mission president tomm. up at college station so that will be good and exciting.

Im so glad to hear everything back home is going good. I hope landons birthday week was good too. thats way cool about brady, tell him congrats form me. and give him a big hug, dont let him get away from not getting a hug haha. 'Ill anwer those questions on a separate email after this one. 

Just so you know, I thought texas would have had a legit 4th of july celebration, well it wasn’t very good at all. They didn’t have anything as a matter of fact. I missed the good ole buhl sagebrush days, I really really did, our town is legit by the way. Well all is well here. I kinda went on today in my email and didn’t have too much structure but oh well haha  have a great day today, and thanks for everything mom and dad, I love you both so much and im soooo lucky to have the family that I have ;) talk to you soon
Your son,
Elder Brian Glenn Schofield

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