Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th Of July--Texas Style!

Howdy y'all!
Well this week was good. i don’t really remember a whole lot of it but i know that it was a good one.  A lot of families had early 4th of July barbqs and we went to plenty of those. You know the Ashtons that i was telling you about? They had one on saturday. This family is seriously so legit. i love being around them, They have a boy that is six and two older girls that are like 8 and 10 but their boy Trey loves me. We played pig on a couple of weeks ago and i let him win but we made a bet before the game that whoever lost owes the other one a candybar.  so on Sunday, his family came in a little late so they were in the very back and we were sitting in the front and he walks up to me and is like " do you have my candybar!" haha it was pretty funny and then he sat next to me for the rest of the meeting.

 im loving this ward a ton now. before they just seemed like they didnt care about things but i looked past all that but there are 3 families that i will definitely be in touch with and be coming back to visit. a lot of the ward texted me on tuesday morning wishing me happy birthday before most of them left on trek. its been really really good latley. My companion is still really stressing about things like stats and numbers and its kinda hard. my view on it is truly love the people and things like that will come i guess. But if you show the ward members that you care and that you’re happy to be there, they will get excited about the work too. Being stressed about things won’t help at all. There is ALWAYS something better we can be doing, like different things to do on your mission but if you have a good attitude about what you’re doing with a smile on your face, it will make it that much better and the spirit will be with those you associate with. Elder Maughan was getting frustrated that we were at the Ashtons Barbq on Saturday and I told him that.    So overall it’s all good.

We were able to pass the sacrament on Sunday. That was my first time since my very first week in Rexburg for that summer semester. That was the highlight of the day on Sunday.

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