Monday, August 1, 2011

Wild Times and Wild Alligators!

this is your boy elder schofield :) this week was a good one. we did a lot of cool things but than there were a lot of cool experiences. so your camping and travel trip sounds way cool. it reminds me of when you, dad and i went up to sun valley for a couple of nights and went to the hot springs up there. those seriously were the best times and i loved doing that all with you two. but this trip you and dad seems way more legit and we also had a cool outdoors thing. Okay so there is a place called camp stake, a boy scouts camp, and we did service there on wednesday. they have like 4 natural ponds/ lakes in there so for lunch we went out on the dock and sat there and say like 6 alligators swimming around. soooo cool. a couple were right close to us. First time i had seen a wild alligator. so that was cool. :)

   Julie and Garrett are doing awesome. they loved church again yesterday and garrett is loving to come to young mens, he is coming this wednesday. we met with both of them last thursday and gave them a baptisimal date for the 14th of august. they were really exctied about that and willing to pray about it all. Montgomerys ward had a baptism saturday for a kid the same age as garrett and julie and garrett both came to that. they were talking to the montgomerys bishop and telling them how she was going to do the same thing in august.  they are both really solid and im really happy about them. On saturday we were also able to give blood for a kid in the ward that is diaognosed with cancer so we helped out with that and also gave blood. really cool an im glad we did that.

   sorry my emaill is just a bunch of rambling, hope it makes sense haha. so a cool story. on Friday all four of us went up to willis to help soemone move out of a pretty gehtto apartment complex. so we were in our service clothes, just some gym shorts and a shirt and so elder burton, another elder in conroe. we came out together at the same time but he is way cool and i hope i can serve with him some during my mission. se we moved a couch in the uhaul and say some cool cars and so we decided to go and look at them really quick. we take a different route and while we were walking we see a young guy sitting on his porch with his daughter and joe (elder burton) says man he would be awesome in the church. we keep walking for like 5 seconds and then we both look at each other and just turn around. we go up and intro duce ourselves and didn’t say anything about hte church at all. we went up and introduced ourselves as brian and joesph and just talked with him about things. then the church got brought up and we had the coolest lessons with him and his wife. their names are kenneth and amy. Amy asked me "so there are soo many churches out there for me and my family, how can i find out which one we need to go to"? it was soo cool to jsut talk with them and see how everything made sense for them. We were just Brian and Joseph during all of this too. it was soo cool. they have 3 kids. one a little baby, a 14 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. we are meeting with them on tuesday. me and joeseph haha.

 it was really cool and i jsut had fun doing it. yes mom, i am still writing in my journal everyday. i miss a bit a few months ago but since june 1st, its been everyday.

    can you send me my temple tie i sent back a while ago. jsut the tie please. we have the temple on thursday this week and then transfer calls this saturday. me and elder burton are going up to willis on tuesday to visit kenneth and amy :) im excited. all is well here. tell todd hi and good luck! tell camden hey. 

 may go and see the alligators again this wednesday ;)
 I love you all and thanks for everything. thanks for the updates :) have a great week. love you
elder schofield

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