Monday, August 22, 2011

Fantastic Week!

Hey Family :)
Okay, so why didnt you tell me dad had an accident? cause the week him and grandpa was gone i got a feeling something had happened and then your email after that nothing was said so i was just like, everything went great. so is he okay?? moving around? i hope so. you better take care of him, all of you! ;)

    so this week was awesome. we were able to do a lot of service around our area and also take garrett fishing on saturday morning before service. he loved it, he had never caught a fish before

So guess who is coming our way on friday to talk to us!  Elder Holland is coming to speak to the three missions in Houston friday night :) me and esplin were on our way to an appt and we got a text about it. its going to be legit and then 3 days later, (next monday) Elder Choi of the seventy is talking to us at college station. im so excited. so next monday wont be our pday. its going to be next tuesday. just so ya know and dont freak out cause you dont get an email.

    so everyone here is getting back to school. lots of buses going around. Tell bertrand hi for me!  in their ward they got a new elder, big big somoan and i went fishing with him this morning and he brought his ukalale (the little hawain guitar) and we jammed. thats one thing i have learned since ive been in conroe haha. he sang and i just played away while we fished.  bro martinez's son, diego has been teaching me how to play it and he is only ten. we are actually going out to his house today for a wild pig bar-b-q and its there we do all the fishing. lots of bass there haha. being here in conroe with Esplin is so much fun, i love it. you be sure to tell sis Sinclair that.

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