Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Elder Holland

so yup, Elder Holland came and talked to us. Me and Esplin sat right by the door that he walked in so we were way close and then we all got to shake his hand. his and Gifford Nielson, the quarterback Giff. haha But Elder Hollands’s talk was so legit and awesome. He would be laughing and joking with us and then just like that he would be  yelling at us but in a spiritual way haha. one thing that he said was "well your adults and we expect you to act like adults so here is some grown-up doctrine, Every road to Salvation leads to Gethsemane" meaning everything we do on our mission with those we teach and work with isn’t going to be easy like we want it to be. his talk to us was legit and esplin recorded it on his ipod so we can hear it again.

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