Monday, August 15, 2011

Real Life from Conroe Texas

Hey Family and Friends,
okay, im glad dad and grandpa got back home safe, i seriously prayed extra for those two this week. who knows what horses can do sometimes,. we actually had to catch some horse this week at a ranch we do service at. yes mom, im a cowboy now ;) jk. im still the same boy ;)

     so this week was so crazy and busy but good. we had to go and try to meet all the 1st wards friends and try to see where they are at. we had to go to this trailer park that they had 4 friends they have been teaching but while were walking around there, we see this mexican yard sale so we go and look and they have their DJ system set up so esplin and i are like " we need to liven this yard sale up" we crank their system up, find a mexican staion and their house is just bumping and people are all coming over and buying stuff. it was so funny. we actually got invited in by their daughter casue she speaks english and got her and her family set up with the spanish elders. that reminds me, a brand new spanish elder is here in conroe and he is from rupert idaho and he wrestles. tell micheal mcdonald and allen compton that Garth Crane lives like 5 minutes from me. they will know him he said.

 so yesterday we had to go to both sacrament meetings and it was long but in the second meeting, the ward im usually in we got a break. after sacramemnt bishop evans gets up and tells everyone to go home cause the bathrooms were all closed in the buildings, but we still taught julie and garrett after that. their baptism is planned next sunday adn 6:15. im going to call chad and taylor and invite them to it. its going to be awesome.  we went and hung out with garrett this saturday. sorry this email is so off the wall, thats kinda how are week went.

elder esplin is awesome. so glad he is here with me in conroe. legit. well all is well here and we're still progressing with the areas. im like 5 pages away from finishing jesus the christ. and im wanting to finish the book of mormon by my year mark. its coming up soon!! thanks for everything family and friends, and yes mom, id love the emails printed off and sent with my tie, i actually need that tie this week.  thanks. tell dad hi and give him a big hug. i miss that guy :) a lot. love you all.
Elder brian glenn schofield

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