Tuesday, August 23, 2011

True Happiness vs Worldly Happiness

so Julie and Garrettt  got baptized last night.  Julie and garrett are awesome. so after the the baptism, i thought about a letter curt wrote me a couple days before i left and he said something about how "nothing is sweeter than bringing someone into the waters of baptism" i read that the first time and thought, nah. i mean it will be cool but winning state and things like that are just awesome and i felt awesome. But after the baptism i re-read that letter and honestly, nothing is sweeter than that. after julie got baptized and we were standing there above the stairs, she turns and gives me a big hug. the rest of the night i felt so good and was so thankful that i had a chance to meet them and help them. Bishop evans gave julie an opportunity to bear her testimony and it was so cool. everyone there, (and there was lots of support) was so happy for her. im soo happy for her and garrett,  just think about someone bigger than all of us and how happy He is for her. she was talking about garretts mission in the future and everything. so one more thing i realized last night, i really havent experienced true Godly happiness until last night  and last week i think. i sure have seen a difference from worldly happiness and yeah i was happy during all my sports and High school stuff but i knew it wouldnt last but last night it was so different. so yeah, yesterday was a special day. 
thanks for everything. i love you all. i hope you got the pictures okay and you will hear from me next week. tell dad hi and for him to get feeling better. love ya'll
elder brian glenn schofield

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