Monday, January 10, 2011

New Day-New Week

Well we got transfer calls on Saturday and me and elder martin are staying together for at least another one. We are still in Magnolia so I still have the same address. I’ll probably be here for two more but who knows.  Kinda like it here. HICKville but you still have the nice areas. So yup I’m still in magnolia. (This coming from a boy from Buhl Idaho J!)

I’m glad to hear Kenadee’s present made her happy. it wasn’t much but I’m glad she likes it. (Brian sent her a personalized Book of Mormon that he had written a very special message in.  It was for Kenadee’s 7th Birthday. )

Greg and Michelle are still doing great. They are getting a car soon and they both have callings. They are called as ward missionaries which is pretty cool. They have been bringing a couple of boys to church with them. Kathy Alvarado is an assistant ward librarian and she is going to do baptisms tomorrow with the relief society at the temple.  She was so excited about it when we went and visited with her last night. She is doing great.

so we had a mission wide fast a couple weeks ago for families to teach and for us to be truly converted. The fast went well but this past week our investigator with a baptism date dropped us and said he doesn’t want to do it then a family we met after the fast, they seemed really excited and solid then this past week they dropped us. KIIINNNNDDDAAAA sucks.  Frank, the one that had the baptism date called and i talked to him, it was like i was being dumped over the phone, no joke he said the " its not you its me" line i was like "wow, i just got dumped".

The baptism in salt lake on Christmas Day went great, he was confirmed last week in sacrament and he got a nice new suit, haha

Tell dad to be happy haha, i know he is and I’m sure he has lots of stress sometimes. oh yeah you’re in the nursery!   im sure you are good at it, great at it actually.  i would go crazy!

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