Monday, January 24, 2011

Sharing the Same Houston Air As Brian!

 I talked to Anna yesterday before church!  We get a call from the elders from the Woodlands (really really really nice area) and elder Johnson is like " so elder schofield whats up?" I was like why are you calling me just to see whats up?  Then he was all like "im looking at your sister right now, she is standing in front of me” i didn’t think he was going to put her on the phone but he did so i talked with her for like 5 minutes.  They were only 30 minutes away from where we are hahah kinda weird but whatever lol.

(Anna and Curt flew in to Houston to go on their cruise that left from Galvaston.  They spent the night in Houston and went to their friend's aunts' ward.  Four missions in Houston and not only were they in a ward IN Brian's mission, they were IN his area!  Crazy!  They agreed ahead of time not to try and see each other, but was fun for them to talk on the phone for a bit!)

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