Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More From the New Year Letter

So Elder Russell M Nelson is coming there?? did i tell you that he spoke at the mtc the last night we were there. his talk was about not saying too much as missionaries and speaking with few words with power so thats what he did and we got out 30 minutes early lol. it was pretty funny.

So my cousin jed is going to Connecticut. ?? when did he get old enough???? wow, tell him hi for me,
Everything is going good here in texas :):) i really dont have much to tell the ward right now, tell them thanks for everything and all the patience they have.  they all did so much to help me, coaches, scout leaders, teachers. ill leave it for you mom, you will do a great job.
i love you so much mom, tell dad hi for me and tell him i love him too. have a great week. love you all
elder schofield

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