Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Y'all!

happy new years to you all!!!!!! we sure partied it up here in texas. we went downtown until midnight and just had a great time. lol JUST KIDDING!!! we all had to be in our apartments by five because people here start early,yeah. haha so we just played games in our apartment.

i have a story to tell you, happened to me like 4 weeks ago or so, okay so we have this guy named Rueban and he was baptized like 6 months ago and is totally inactive so we have been trying to teach him because apparently the missionaries just baptized for the stat and he knows nothing.  We think he was high when he got baptized but whatever, we have been teaching him and going over there and this one time we show up and sit down on the couch and elder martin needs to go to the bathroom so he leaves and its just me and Rueban sitting in the living room. he asks if i want something to drink and im like sure brotha,  ( he calls us his brothas) so he goes to the fridge and pulls a pitcher of juice or something out and pours two glasses for me and elder martin, so he brings the glasses over to me and i have elder martins in my hand cause he is still in the bathroom and i start drinking mine, about the time I’m half way done with mine and elder martin comes out, Rueban asks us " hey brothas, you can have iced tea right?" elder martin walked right in at the bad time, he asks that and my glass is half empy, i was like WOW reuban, it was pretty funny so i was like oh crap. but it was whatever, lol i broke the word of wisdom on my mission, :(   im still worthy mother. i took care of it as Lloyd off of dumb and dumber would say lol 
so thats the story of rueban haha

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