Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another good week in Magnolia

well this week was pretty good. nothing too crazy weird or anything but it was all good.  we did see a big fat man getting arrested outside of his double wide and that was pretty funny. Magnolia is weird like that, we have run down trailer homes and then across the street multi million dollar homes!

We have interviews with the President tomorrow, the first one since I flew in at the end of October.  We met 2 different families this week and one couple came to church.  They’re pretty excited to meet with us and learn more J  J

We got our lunch paid for twice this week and dinner all week :):) they take care of us.  the lunches were paid for by complete strangers and just while i was typing this a college kid came up to us and gave us 20 dollars and said " i hope that helps" pretty nice people down here J

i dont know if i told you this but our ward mission leader looks like george castanza. haha its so funny, ill try to get a picture with him before i leave the area. he is cool.  Magnolia is going great, the work is going great,have a great week and tell everyone hi for me. i love you mom and dad,
love your son
elder b-rian glenn schofield J

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