Saturday, October 30, 2010

CrAzY how small the world is!

Brian wrote about his first day out knocking with Elder Martin.  They went to a members home and this nice young mother greeted them and welcomed them in.  She introduced herself to Brian and then said, "Elder Schofield, are you Anna Schofield's brother?"  Brian about choked!  It was Melissa Johnson from Boise!  Our families were in the Married Student Ward together in Boise years (20+) ago!  Melissa and Andrea were good friends with Anna and Amy. Brian was just one year old when we moved to the Magic Valley and Caralee brought her family over the day we moved to tell us good-bye.  We thought that was amazing that Melissa remembered the Schofield name and thought Brian looked like Anna enough to ask her that!  What an amazing world family we live in!  Great to re-connect with the Johnsons!

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