Monday, November 1, 2010

hey everyone,
things are great here-so here is some stuff we do in the morning..
we go to the gym every morning mon through fri at 5 in the morning for about an hour then come back and get ready for personal and comp study which is 8 to 10.  After that we usually have some places to visit or service for people until lunch then after that we go tracting, have appointments that are already planned, and just work around the area then dinner, then we usually have splits or some more appointments or service. We stay really busy. We had to be in at 7 satruday and sunday night for halloween and stuff cause of crazy people.

my comp is from southern california and we stay with another companionship, both of those are from utah.

my personal study time is a 8 to 9 and its getting better, almost done with the book of mormon and still reading the preach my gospel so im glad we have time like that every morning. 

my mission president and his wife are way cool, very nice and welcoming. we went over to our bishops house for dinner thursday night and their house is huge, like seriously, they have a basketball court in it, a pool and its just huge. he is a little prideful haha i would be too, we went up and played a game of pig before dinner lol he is related to thomas e ricks too so that was kinda cool.

my area is magnolia 1st ward. its a really good ward to be in. we have 3 investigators with baptisimal dates, Greg and Michille Rita are a couple in thir 40s or 30s and they are really solid, their date is november 13 and then we have Kathy Alverado in her 50s. we committed greg and michille and kathy this week and they all seem way excited. they all showed up to church yesterday which is like a really really good thing for investigators that are getting baptized. It was so funny in priesthood, greg stood up to introduce himself, he said "hi im gregg and im gunna be a mormon on the 13th along with my wife" everyone just started to clap, it was cool. im excited for all 3 of them :):) at church someone came up to greg and gave him the employment job services to him cause his wife just lost his job and he was so happy and excited he told me that he should have become a mormon a lot sooner cause he is already seeing the blessings, i just smiled :):) i wil send pictures of them and of kathy.

we have dinner appointments everynight and the one we had last night is a younger couple with 4 boys and the dad served is the same mission as dad, that was cool haha. they were a really cool family.

i love my area, its is so sweet, reminds me a lot of buhl but only like 30 minutes from downtown houston and we go there sometimes for pday. the weather her right now is humid but the last couple days its been just like idaho in the summer, bright and sunny, no humidty and a little breeze but its really humid today cause its going to rain i guess all week. that should be fun. 

we got a 2011 malibu on wednesday but we share the car with the other companionship so we bike one day then have the car.
tell everyone hi like landon and emily, i didnt get a chance to email them this week. tell amy and brady hi and anna and curt, i read curts letter he wrote me the other day, its a very good one, its the one i read in front of you.
SEND ME PICTURES in the mail

sorry if i didnt answer everything or what not but know that i love you and i know this church is true. i read my patriatichal blessing every morning and i love it :) nuff said ;) things are going great, tell the whole family hi and tell dad i love him. have a great day :) goodbye
love elder schofield

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