Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Email from the Field!

Hi mom!!!!
its great to hear from you. the first couple of days were kinda hard just because i hadent heard from anyone for awhile but this really helped. i wrote landon today,
so my pdays are on monday an im in Magnolia 1st ward. 
met all the members yesterday and our ward is legit. i met a couple of poeple that grew up in kimberly, that was nice to talk to them. so my language is coming along, haha 
when i first got to magnolia we wnt to the grocery store and over heard this lady on the phone that said "if you see that man on your property again, then you shoot that son of a B**** haha, i was laughing so hard. i was like yup, im in texas lol.
my comp is elder martin from california, we live with another set of missionaries, its pretty sweet, 
the weather is pretty good now but everybody is telling me, :"oh y'all just wait till summer" haha im like of great, 
we go to the gym every morning at 5!! im going to come back buldging, you can tell Wilson that haha :) 
so on saturday we committed two people to be baptised on nove 13, hopefully it works out. our ward is seroisly so cool. they are like so missionary motivated. 
it was so nice to talk to you  from  the airport. thanks for everything mom i love you. tell dad hi and that i love him, i like his hand written letters :):) love you all!!!!!!

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