Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Letter From The MTC!

Okay so I hope you’re not freaking out because I’m emaling you this late but I’m here!!! So today was my first p-day and we started off by going to the temple this morning. I didn’t really want to go but my companion said that when you don’t feel like going, that that is the best time to go so we went and it was really great to start off the day that way. oh by the way, Provo temple looks like a birthday cake like for real but inside it doesn’t have frosting, haha, oh and you dont need to put everything i say into my blog, such as that ;)

well im just about done with one week at the famous MTC, everyone was right when they said get past the first 4 days and it goes by so fast. me being who i am and always doubting doubted them and went around sad again. like seriously the first 4 days were so up and down moments. At some points during the day i would ask my self why i was even here but then conference weekend came and it helped a lot. Monday and Tuesday have gone by so fast so the other elders were right about it starting to fly by.

on friday night we had a workshop with other elders and sisters but it was just me my companion anthoer set of elders and then a threesome of sisters and we were in our room and we elders started to talk and laugh about some things and the sisters freaked out on us and i could not stop laughing because we were done with our stuff adn ready to leave and then one sister out of the blue asked us elders why we even came and i told her why, like fo real. i told of the promises in my patriarchal blessing and how through my experiences have been promised to find and teach those throughout my life but ESPECIALLY ON MY MISSION. all she said was well nothing, she didnt say anthing after that then later that night apologized but were all good haha.

tell dad i saw two kids i ran against in track, david fillmore from burley won state in the 800 in 4A then trent winegar from weiser, he won state in 3A and my sophmore year and i ran with him my junior year, so we had a really good normal talk so it was really good to talk to them. He left to columbia on monday and it made me think how i was seriously called for a reason to Houston and how it worked for ME. im so freaking excited to get to Houston. Like i start to like it here more but just getting to the field and meeting my mission president and everything. No DOUBT!! haha our district is great and were getting along great.

Thursday night we met our branch president and they came to interview us an then call a district leader. They called me and they could tell i looked worried and shocked but they said that all three of them had the same impression and that it came from God so i guess i will find out haha. It will be fine, cause i have a really good companion, Elder Finnlinson, hard worker but very chill, i like that. we get along really well, he is from oak city utah and were both going to become cowboys we decided in Houston.

I’m getting the lessons down and just knowing things better and mine and Finnlinsons lessons are really good, i feel we are teaching clearly and that they understand what we’re teaching. i know that through the atonement and my testimony of it i can help may to come back to the church or let them know that change is possible, i hope school is going great for you and dad.

:) know i love you all. Elder SCHOFIELD

one more story, remember all this doesn’t need to be on the blog lol. Our first gym time on Thursday we got there and i wore my i love science shirt haha and i didnt wear basketball shoes so i got picked last an i dont know what happened but i couldnt miss like seriously lol. an elder that is going to Ukraine, he is from Katy Texas, played ball with me that day and now im known as general schofield lol.

take care and keep mowing those lawns landon and dad hahahahahahahhahahaha, im sorry thats mean ;)

i love you, signing out from the MTC,,,, this message brought to you by Elder Brian Schofield. sponsored byyyyyyyyy FIGNUGGETS. the treat that you will always love, ( in a nice radio voice) im a fignugget so you have to always love me. haha, im retarted. take care. ill hear from you next week. LOVE YOU ALL :):) GOODBYE

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