Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Ready to Fly Out!

hi mom, this is my last email here at the mtc!! it went by really really fast which is good. im all packed up and ready to go. i hope everything with you is great. i should be calling around 8 or 9 so you better not be screening your calls. we have a devontional tonite then a meeting with the branch presidency later after that, its only four missionaries left in our district. the others left at 3 this morning to arkansas. they woke us up too!!!!!!! hahaha, i told them to though so we could say goodbye..

ill call you tomm at the airport, im excited and nervous, i sent the SD card today with the package. tell everyone hi,  oh!!! four square is my new favorite sport and when i get back im going to join the 4 square olympic team,, no doubt, it gets intense here during gym lol, those dang 4 square nerds. im now one of them!!!! hahai learned a ton here, 9 hours a day of mission prep, and 10 hours of eating :) great balance huh ;) but i really learned a lot and im excited to go, it went by fast here.
i love you all, thanks for everything MOM.. tell dad hi for me :):):) 

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