Monday, March 14, 2011

Too Much of the Wrong Kind of Action!

hey mom and family!
thanks for getting the shoes and everything taken care of, you da best. I’m happy to hear about your 5K walk and that you did well. that’s how i felt after i finished the fun run at the fourth of the July. i hated that by the way haha

im still doing good in my journal for the most part and yes i did get you package with the bracelet and everything. wanna know something funny? i bought one of those like a week before I got yours. someone in the ward told me it would help with my migraines so i got one. i gave the one you gave me to an elder that lives with us.

The work here in Conroe is a little slow right now. we have like 4 we are teaching. we ran into a drug deal this week with one of our investigators. we walked around back of his apartment complex and to the other side and we see a car with a door open and it was him (deshawn) and 3 other guys right in the middle of it all. deshawn had it all right on his lap and i guess he was doing the sampling then, we scared him pretty bad. he was chill with us but the other 3 weren’t so we got outta there pretty fast. i guess it was pretty dangerous to stay around there cause we saw it all happen so we got outta there. 

 the ward is really cool. we played basketball with a member this morning, he reminds me a lot of dad and he has a son that is pretty much identical to camden. plays the same sports and looks like him too, our youth are really cool too.  its raining really really really hard right now too by the way lol
 it sounds like everything with you and the family back home is going great. hope that continues. i love you all. sounds like the mowing will start to pick up. take care everyone.
elder schofield

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