Monday, March 28, 2011

March GLADness!

hello y'all haha
     -how is everything going? things are good here. this last week, the area really picked up and you know sister sinclair, her daughter, told us that her english teacher and her two kids want to meet with the missionaries. right before i got to this area, sis, sinclairs daughter had her friend meeting with the missionaries and then her friend got baptized. i guess she gives us some good referrals. then we got in contact with a former investigator and right when i called him and told him who we were all he said was "no way!!". i guess right before i called he had just got done praying to know the truth and thinking about the missionaries and was way excited to hear from us. we are meeting with him on Tuesday with the patriarch, he is in our ward.

   -This former investigator (TIM) is like 25 and he wants to come to conference with us on sunday, we told him about it over the phone when we called but things are all going good here. we go to the temple on wednesday an then conference. yesterday in sacrament when they announced the times of conference they said at 11 and 3.  I was like are these ppl crazy. its 10 and 2 but i guess the time difference does that!

    -  you know that ensign stuff you put in your last email, i read all of that last night. i couldnt sleep last night so at around 11 i got up and read a bunch of it. its all good. 

    -At the Sinclairs home with Elder K

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