Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sharing Trials and Going to the Temple

on friday, elder lewis, one of the other elders that lives with us, got a call from president hansen about how one of his aunts passed away. it was way sad cause elder lewis grew up in a very dysfunctional family and this aunt pretty much raised him. elder lewis has been out about 11 months and he has had a really heard time his whole mission with almost going home and things but earlier that day, him and elder willardson taught the plan of salvation to a guy and elder lewis said later that night that if he hadn’t been able to teach that lesson today he would have been going home for sure. he said while he was teaching the lesson he felt something was wrong but then he felt peace at the same time. it was really really sad to see him. he is doing better but it was really really hard on him. 

well everything here is going well beside that. excited for the temple on wednesday and conference this weekend. have a great day and tell everyone hi for me. Especially the track team haha!  love you all. oh so this is week six of the transfer and so that means this saturday we get transfer calls. hopefully me and elder k will stay together. thanks for everything
elder brian glenn schofield

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