Monday, March 7, 2011

Time is MARCH-ing on!!

 this is your son brian glenn schofield.
first of all everything here is going just great, work is a little slow but were picking it up though.  the Edneys moved so we had to pass them on to other elders. but we have a couple of ppl we are working with so that hopefully will go somewhere.

time really is MARCHING ON hahah good one mom!

thats cool about trevor doxey going to the same mission, will he meet steve and pam, pretty exciting. and yes i will be out for a year.

everything is going good with the comp. i really really like it, we work hard and sitll have fun, and the other elders are awesome too.  i really really like it. :)
have an awesome day and week. bye now :):)

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