Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Man in Conroe!

well I’m in my new area and im loving it, Conroe Texas.   my comps, name is elder Keliipuleole, we live with two other elders, our apartment is awesome and the other elders are too. the elders that were living with is elder willardson, and elder lewis,  they are awesome.

sounds like dad is still being a stud and doing what he does, he is awesome, best dad anyone could ask for, thats fo sho haha he is working hard which is good. i hear buhl didnt make it to state, thats too bad, now they get to start track hahahaha suckers hahaha, just kidding. i really miss it, probably just being out there with dad and all that, that’s what I’ll miss the most, good times

so conroe isnt too far from college station, so for zone conference, this transfer we will be going up to the station!!! im so excited, after conference, we are gunna go around campus and talk to the college folk haha

everything is going great, oh for dinner on Saturday night, we were watching the military film that the church gives to the military families and so we were watching it with this family, and it showed a clip of elder Oaks talking to some military ppl and it showed the crowd and guess who i saw.... Bryan Egbert, no joke, it was an older clip but it was him, i was like i know that guy!!! tell curt that, hahah

we are teaching a family, she just went through a divorce and she has 4 children, and she was looking for a good church for her kids so we stated teaching them, the Edneys.   pretty cool family.

well everything is going good in Conroe, i really like it here and my companion, everything here is great. the ward is awsome.  have a great week.  i love you mom and dad!!!! just thought id let ya know
love elder schofield

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