Monday, December 6, 2010

Enjoying the People in the Area...

hi mom and dad :):)
how is everything going?
okay so this Saturday michille got baptized and then on sunday was confirmed, it was awesome and the her husband has been baptized for about 3 weeks now and he got ordained as a priest yesterday after church. that was awesome. things are going really good right now oh and kathy,the other lady that we baptized on the 20th had an interview yesterday to go and do baptisims at the temple, all three of them are
way solid J

so last night at dinner we went to a family that is really really cool, younger couple, they have 4 kids and the oldest is 15 and all their kids were like you missionaries are actually cool and talk to us, some just sit there all awkward. that was nice to hear. the dad is from idaho falls so we talked a lot. when they took us back we let them come in the apartment and showed the boys around the "pad" of "man cave" he they were asking so many questions about being a missionary. its a good thing the apartment was somewhat clean. yaa the new elder is from logan, he is really new too and is way cool. its permanent now that he is living with us. just cause the other 2 in the other ward are going home this transfer so he is here to learn the area before they leave. he is awesome. elder nielson. 

yes we went to the chapel and watched the Christmas devotional, that was great, it was only us five missionaries and a cool cool couple in our ward. oh we went and did service for an older lady this morning just putting up lights and things, hse reminds me so much of grandma z. her husband died this past year and whenever she talks about him she tears up, she made me tear up this morning, she is sooo soso cool. she says she is our missionary grandma. :):) they served 3 missions and both worked in the temple, she still does and she is fisty and funny just like grandma z

im starting to love the ward even more. im enjoying it a lot more. its pretty cold here and we can where sweaters so i could really use one for like under my suit coat. can you send one of those too :):) preferbly a black or a gray one?? thanks.

yes I’ll call you. we are going over to the relief society presidents house and she is planning on us to call from there. cant wait. their family is soo soo cool too. she has a son in Argentina. they remind me a lot of you and dad.

dad must be working hard, i love him, i love his letter a couple of weeks ago. i really really did. they are right, when you leave on your mission you appreciate your parents a lot more. i love you guys. well mom and dad, tell everyone hi for me, i love you all and thanks for everything you do. cant wait to talk to you. if you could get those things for christmas or somethings haha hin hint that would me awesome :):) oh sorry about your fall :( your tough tho because your MY mom :) 

love elder SCHOFIELD 
no doubt ;) 

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