Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Mom!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! i know im one day late but i hope its still all good
i hope you had a great day and dad treated you good haha

That’s awesome Steve and Pam and doing those things.  The senior couples that do those things in our mission are way cool too, the sister that does the cars and things and she is the one that called you my first day i believe, thats the one.

That’s cool you had a Christmas breakfast instead of a dinner, did a lot of people show up???

i dont get to make a pre chrismas phone call but i will be calling you at around 4 or five that night okay??? Sometime around there, i will call the home phone just so you know, you better not be sleeping and miss it!  I cant wait to talk to you all!so around 4 or 5, maybe a little later or a little earlier, just be ready okay?? Hahaha

 okay so the investigator that was getting baptized Jan 1st is actually getting baptized on Christmas in
Salt Lake so we have been calling people up there and making sure it works out.   He is flying up there for the break to have his girlfriends dad baptize him, and we have another baptism planned for the 9th of Jan.  we set that last night. We had dinner with a way cool family last night and reminded me a lot of my parents, they were so cool. All their boys are flying in from college this week and they have a boy that is a senior this year. it was way fun.

well everything is going great so far, don’t forget ill be calling you around that time, just have you cell phone with you all day just to play it safe but im sure ill call on the home phone. 
well i hope you have a great week at school for two days. im looking forward to hearing from you,
 I love you mom and dad
elder schofield

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