Monday, November 22, 2010

Progress in Magnolia

hi mom :)
thanks for updating me with everything about the wedding and reception. i seriously really really miss you all reading all of that and looking at the pictures. glad it was a good time. im glad caitlin and chelsey were able to come down and help, thats awesome :):)

we did have a baptisim on saturday for kathy and she was confirmed the next day. prettty cool

well you remember michille?, gregs wife?? we are still waiting on the letter from the first presidency to see if she can get baptized. she had surgerey last night for some tumors but she was feeling pretty good about it. greg was still at church which is really good, thats probably why we wanted to still have him baptized even tho michille couldn’t just because with greg being baptized it would motivat michille more and not let her get discouraged, greg is really solid. I’ll send pictures home soon but send that cd first haha.

so a couple days ago me and elder martin we biking around and it was a long bike ride and we stopped at the gas station for a drink and we came out and some kid was sitting in his car and i waved and him and he was like come over here so we went over there and we started talking and was really interested in the church. he is a senior at magnolia west and so i got his number and we will probably call him and hopefully meet up with him tomorrow or something.
i havent got a bike yet, still riding the same one.

this thursday (Thanksgiving) we have the turkey bowl in the morning at the high school staduim and its a big staduim and its the old high school field, they have an even bigger one across the street then breakfast at a family in the ward, really cool family, then we have 3 differnt dinner appointmenst that day so we will be eating good and on wedneday a family has thanksgiving dinner the night before adn we are going there also haha.
so i can call you on the home phone???
tell brady happy birthday hahahahahahahahahaha
i miss and love you all, keep me in your prayers and i love hearing from you all.
elder schofield

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