Monday, November 8, 2010

HI mom,
thats cool to hear about the boise state games and everything!  you are also correct about the scripture case, just whenever. please send pictuers of the family and everything through the mail. i dont have any!!! lol

so this week was really good. we did the baptisimal interview for greg and michelle and their date is gunna have to be pushed back a couple week casue of some things, it will all be good... but kathy is still good for the 20th, she is solid and will be for her life, her sisters family is all really active and she is really strong with her testimony which is good, she takes notes during our lessons and everything. she is about your age or so.

our ward in magnolia 1st is legit. they are all really cool and the members are really good about helping us and going out to lessons with us. i have a lot to tell you but like my mind goes blank during this time. umm my reading and everything is still going good and everything. we have some more investigators that we are working with so we'll see how they go. 

it made me sad when you told me about the cub scouts and them running around. i loved going out to jeralds and camping before that. good times, ill try to find a bike but we are seriously really busy to go and find one. and i dont have a lot of money. ill see what i can do. maybe ill work part time at mcdonalds hahaha

so are you taking scott to church or is he going by himself?? let me know how its all going with scott
send me all the families birthdays please. i guess i need those to say something lol. so are you gunna get a big picture for me for the reception??? haha i say yes.

my comp an are i doing really good, everyone we live with is really cool. im having a good time and staying busy with everything. 

i hope the wedding plans are going good and that its not too big of a stress,, just a little lol
have a great week. thanks for everything!! love you
elder schofield

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  1. Brian, you sound great! We love and miss you and are so grateful for the work you are doing and are proud to have you for a nephew! Take care and keep working hard! We love you.