Monday, June 13, 2011

it's sooooo simple!

well hello mom and dad
i hope girls camp is going good so far, even though you won’t read this for a few days, know im thinking about you.

   this week was good. we met with all of our investigators, we have a baptism planned for the 26th of june, his name is will standley. so we are shooting for that.

   elder maughan was sick all day yesterday, so we were in the apartment all day yesterday. i read a lot haha two of our investigators showed up so i made sure that the ward knew they were coming so they wouldn’t feet left out. so it all went well with us not being there.

   so we are going over to the sinclairs today for pday. you be sure to email her back when she emails okay ;) so that should be fun today.

  so you remember you little picture for mothers day? well i got a pretty good one made up for dad for father’s day ;) you’ll just have to wait. so my birthday is coming up right? im sure you know hahaha, i could use a wal-mart gift card ;) that would be the best lol and more gum hahaha jsut so you know. love you mom ;) i got your package :) thanks you and the clippers are fantastic

   so this week we talked a lot this week about the atonement, in zone conference, and district meeting and other things. and one thing that stuck out to me is that the atonement is so deep but yet soooo simple. because Jesus Christ sacrificed himself, we can all live with heavenly father again. so simple and also the atonement is a railroad switch track. its a course change. it was a good week with that sense, talking about the atonement and how it plays a role not only in our investigators lives but also ourselves. it was a good week this week. and im still meeting with pres. Hansen and will one more time before he goes home on my birthday. thanks for everything mom and dad i love you and everything you do. i love you!!!
elder schofield

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