Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthweek!

so this week was a little slow. wills baptism date was pushed back for a little bit. he isn’t progressing as much as we were hoping but we are still working with him. i had a migraine last week but it was the first in like 3 months so that was great. so maybe the next one won’t come until 6 months from now haha

im glad you were able to read my letter in sacrament meeting yesterday. im also glad that it actually affected some people that were able to hear it.

   so my birthday party /dinner was legit, dinner was way good and we had a good time.
im glad to hear about the reunion and that it went great and you got to see caitlin.

thats soo cool about heather and jesse. im happy for them. (Brian's cousin and her family were sealed in the Rexburg Temple.)   jesse is a pretty cool kat. and that means cool guy if you didnt know lol

 i hope your week goes great, sorry this is so short. things are still going good. we are still working with the same ppl. hope your week goes great. my birthday will come tomm. and then it will go in the past. hahah. tell landon that i hope he has a great birthday. and that i will be thinking about him. love you all so much and thanks for everything you do.
elder schofield

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