Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A letter from Brian on April 4th...

hey mom and dad and everyone.
yeah this weekend was great, in conference they talked alot about marriage and not procrastinating it haha, like they talked about it alot. but it was a really good conference.
thanks for those pictures of the missionaries. how long have they been out? can you send those other pictures of me and elder k. oh transfer calls came, we are staying together for another one. i was excited. we also moved this week different apartments. we have the same apartment complex but a different apartment  
  this week we are going to start teaching a new family at the sinclairs home. its her english teacher and her two kids. that will be good and hope all goes well.
  thats awsome the boys track team is doing awesome, tell them all hi for me. not a whole lot of crazy things happened this week, just moved and worked and had conference. anna will be getting my conference notes so ill talk more about conference there. i hope you have a great day today, i love you all and miss you all very much. have a great day
elder schofield

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