Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I know why I am out here and how important this work is

hi family :):)

    glad my conference notes were sufficient enough :) and that the FHE went well. i heard austin took his first steps, you wanna know why, my notes inspired him :) haha jk

This past week was great. we had a good week. we are still trying to work with the same people but a part member family that has been coming to church a lot lately, we are gunna start working with the dad (the non-member) this week, he is really cool and the family is too, they have a little 4 yr old girl. we asked them if we could come by and talk they said yes and so were having dinner with them and then visit with the dad this week. I’m excited. Tomorrow the BYU-Idaho dance group is coming to the Spring area, like 20 minutes away from Conroe and President Hansen is letting us all go to it. it will be pretty cool to go to

thats awesome to hear about all the kids back home and there calls. its exciting to see them all leave. can you get me bryce beards address for me?? so rotary track just wasnt the same? i hear the boys team is really really doing good, thats awesome. when does jacob miers leave? 

mom, you have nothing to worry about with me saying thank you and being appreciative. seriously. people love me and elder k cause we are personable, can laugh and joke around. the ward loves us. and you dont need to worry about us and saying please,  and thank yous. but im glad you still love me enough to remind me ;) so THANK YOU ;) lol

sounds like everything is keeping you all busy, which is good. thanks for everything you and dad do. i love you both very much and my whole family, best family. no doubt baby ;)  i lpve you all. know that im doing fine and enjoying it out here. i know why im out here and how important this work is. have a great day and week. looking forward to that phone call on may 8th. I’ll let you know when it gets closer around what time ill be calling. what time is your church, (youre time) not my time.  talk to yall later, tell everyone hi for me. love you!!
 elder schofield 

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