Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things Are Really Heating Up Down Here!

Hey Family
so we had a good labor day yesterday, we still had our regular pday but everywhere to email was closed so we are doing that today. so we went to the sinclairs for pday yesterday and sis sinclair will probably email you the pictures.

 on sunday Scott and Nessa and their kids came to church and stayed for all three hours. i was way excited to see them and they were happy they were there.  we are meeting with them again tonight to finish our lesson from last week. they are still doing great and moving along. We’ve gotten like 4 referrals this past week from different members and so we are staying really really busy with covering both wards.

 president Pingree came and talked to me again in our training this morning and said its still all good for amy and brady to come and take us out to eat. so just have amy and brady email me their plans and when they think they can take us out, just so we can plan for it. it really wont be a distraction either. when i saw him that one night with chad and also bill and diane, after we left, i felt like it was a motivation and i felt really good. im excited to see them.

 so the the fires here are making the sky really smokey. i guess the major ones are in san antonio but there are fires not to far from where we are and its been sooo dry, everything is just going to light up and burn. Last night, after we got in for the night, we moved our couch on the patio and jsut sat out there for a little bit because its been so nice here lately. is been 92 past couple of days and when we wake up to go run, it feels so nice. i guess this summer has been the hottest summer on record and the average temp was 102 so i can say i survived texas' worst summer.

well i hope all is well back home. everything is going great in conroe and in the mission. im loving it and mom, i really am happy. thanks for everything. have fun back at school mom and dad.  And dad, i hope you like the new school you’re working at, im sure you will but just so you know, I’ll never wear Filer red :)  !
 have a great day. love ya'll
elder brian glenn schofield 

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