Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Ward Mission Leaders! Yay!

hello mom and dad,
   this week was great, just about the same things happening. we got stood up for dinner a couple nights and the elders in this ward seem to be cheap labor and a moving crew.  But our new ward mission leader is awesome. he said he was sure going to change some things.  We met with him on Monday night and went over some things. He is on top of things. his name is Bro. Hon. He is going to whip this ward in to shape he said cause alot of the things they do is just going through the motions on a lot of things. Overall he is going to be awesome. i will at least have some time to work with him cause transfer calls came in and Elder K and i are getting split up. he is going down closer to the city and im staying. I am going to meet my new comp today but he wont come to conroe tonite. we are just going over somewhere for pday and he will be there. His name is Elder Maughn. i ve heard he is pretty cool and the elder lewis' new comp is a missionary that was in the mtc with me.

so this next transfer is only five weeks just so the new president doesn’t have to deal with transfers so early. its Presidnet Hansens last five weeks and then we will have a new one.

what happend to your knee mom?? and im glad to hear about the track team. Please be sure to send me that program haha ;) we went over to the Ashtons last night and he cooked us some dinner on the barbq. that family will definitely be one i stay in contact with. 

well im glad to hear everything is still going good and about the same. Everything here is great. thanks for everything mom and dad. oh the weather here is perfect but its not going to be like this for long i hear hahha. i love you all!!
elder brian glenn schofield

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