Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding Families! (and other interesting stuff!)

hello :)

this week was good again. we have two families we are teaching now and one family has been coming to church.  this one is solid-their names are the Cambells, they are in their 40s. really cool family.  but we have them and another family, (the schultzs) and we met another guy last night, we actually had dinner with a part member family and the husband is the one.   this week was great, i dont know if i told you but the week of Christmas we had a fast for families to teach, i suppose its working hahaha :)

so you remember frank? the one that was going to be baptized and dumped us on the phone? comes to find out he is like one of the head people in the drug trafficking and drug cartel in Mexico!  he was trying to get out of it during the time we were teaching him but 2 of his really good friends got shot down there and thats what made him not want to be baptized, he felt it was his responsibility to pick up where his friends left off, pretty stupid i know but his ex girlfriend says he is on the run cause he is illegal and they have been looking for him for a while, when his girlfriend told us all of this i was like "holy crap, we were teaching an illegal immigrant and drug lord!!!!"" kinda cool experience i suppose lol, but he was like really really nice too, i guess thats how business ppl need to be whether they are really business ppl or drug lords haha, they need to have good "PR" but yeah haha

i bet landon and emily are relieved now that the kids are gone, best kind of birth control right there haha, have them babysit. good to hear that the farewell went well :) im glad brady and dad were able to stay sane and see a basketball game haha firth is gunna win it again 5-peat

Interviews with president went well, and everything else is going well, by next week we should have 2 baptism dates set but its all going good here, tell everyone hi for me. i love you all
love elder schofield

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