Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brian Got His Mission Call!

Brian has been anxiously waiting for the big white envelope to come in the mail. When it came, it was the day that he and Landon were to leave for Costa Rica! It came about 10:00 in the morning and Brian called me at work. He said "Mom, I think you want to come home RIGHT NOW!" So I did! Lani was here and the boys were all packed and ready to leave to catch their plane in SLC. We couldn't get the girls and everyone together, so we got Anna and Curt and Brady and Amy all on the phones and he opened his call. It was so exciting to see his face and the expression when he read "Texas Houston Mission". He was thrilled! Chris Harvey was working on the siding on our home and we asked him to come in with us while Brian opened his call. He said that was pretty cool to be a part of...that he had never had a chance to do that before. It was so fun to hear Brian's sister's reactions over the phone! We are one pretty excited family!

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  1. Sure was a wonderful day yesterday with your talk in Sacrament Meeting and your family! Sure love you, Brian!